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Warner-Prokos Photography

LuAnn Warner-Prokos is an award-winning portrait photographer in the South Florida area. Sessions are personally designed, stylized for the individual, and designed to capture the unique personality and characteristics of each subject or the love and joy and special personalities found in each family.

WP Portraiture

Delray Beach, Fl. 33446
(561) 271-7954

Project Overview

LuAnn contacted IDS to have a new website developed for her photography studio in Delray Beach, Florida. She wanted a minimalistic look which showcased her work. As always, we brought LuAnn into the design process so we could get a better idea of what she had in mind. We wanted her vision to become something she could see and fall in love with.

  • Project Details
    • Software Utilized: WordPress
    • Development Time: 6 Weeks
    • Hosting: WordPress Server (WPS)
    • Maintenance Package: Yes

IDS is there for you on a monthly basis, sending reports on the “health” of one’s website. Any issue was fixed right away. Joe is professional, thorough, and work is done in a timely manner. I am confident that I will see success with this new website.

~ LuAnn Warner-Prokos

The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care

The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care provides superb, highly personalized, end-to-end orthopedic care for people with hip and knee conditions. Dr. William Leone offers patients the latest, most promising innovations in joint replacement surgery, in a compassionate, patient-focused setting.

The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care

1000 NE 56th Street,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

Project Overview

Dr. Leone reached out to IDS about assuming his website project, which, after almost two years in development was not progressing as he had hoped it would. After a “Deep Dive” to get a better understanding of what Dr. Leone wanted and needed, we developed a plan.

Dr. Leone wanted IDS to develop and deliver a website that accurately and effectively promotes the services of the Leone Center. He wanted a site that was clean, crisp, with a heavy focus on both the services they provide, client testimonials and a large blogging component. The new website for The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care is a website that interacts very well with its viewers.

  • Project Details
    • Software Utilized: WordPress
    • Development Time: 3 1/2 Weeks
    • Hosting: Private Server
    • Maintenance Package: Yes

Over the past 10 years, Joe Corsino has become an important and dependable resource to me and my family. He has earned my respect and my gratitude.

Our relationship began with Joe helping us select and then set up our first iPhones, laptops, and home computer. It has morphed into so much more. I am an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip and knee replacement. I have lectured extensively in the US and throughout the world. Joe has been instrumental in helping me craft and put together talks and presentations and then helping assure my technology will work with others, no matter where I’m traveling.  He has helped me resolve glitches when they occur (which is inevitable when working with computers and the web), install new updates and operating systems, checked for and eliminated malware, and created multiple backups.  He’s been consistent, invaluable, and an ever-available source of insight for problem-solving. If he doesn’t know the answer, he researches it and he gets back to me. As a professional, this is invaluable.

Very recently he helped my wife design, launch, and now maintain her church website (www.stpaulslhp.com) which is making her very happy and receiving many accolades. This was his gift to the community. Once he accepts a project, and I’ve seen over and over, his personal passion and professionalism drive him to see the project through. I’ve been repeatedly impressed with his ability to come up with new innovative ideas and fixes when problems arise. Either he finds a “plugin” that meets the need or writes his own code to accomplish the goal.

What truly prompted me to write this letter is my most recent experience with Joe. He was kind enough to “take on” my professional website which I have been trying to develop (using a different site developer, one that I had not chosen, but had been supplied to me) for over a year. I was so frustrated and angry. Honestly, the website was going nowhere. It’s difficult and nearly impossible to find someone willing and capable of taking on someone else’s “half baked, poorly done” project, especially when there were so many underlying structural and technical problems.

It’s even more difficult to ask someone else to step in when “feelings are tense” and already so much money has been spent. I understand this, I’m a revision hip and knee surgeon and often find myself in a similar situation. There is a problem, the patient is doing poorly, and everyone is angry. The “professional” recognizes the situation and fixes it. That’s exactly what Joe did. And I will tell him exactly what so many patients then tell me. Thank you. Truly, thank you.

Joe graciously accepted my botched project and has been nothing but a professional, a miracle worker, and a gentleman. Many hours later the site launched and I could not be more proud, relieved, and pleased with the final result. (www.holycrossleonecenter.com) He’s worked tirelessly to bring my vision for the new site to a working reality. He arranged for my site to be housed on a private web server (very affordable and safe), backed up my old site that was taken down, and has backed up our current site multiple ways. Joe has agreed to maintain the new site and is sending me bimonthly updates regarding ongoing maintenance tasks, which if not done regularly leads to problems and vulnerability. For me having Joe in charge of this is “peace of mind”. It’s professional. No longer is it something I worry about.

I think what impresses me most about Joe is his depth of knowledge throughout this field along with his personal commitment to solving a problem that he’s taken on. I cannot speak more highly of his dependability and work ethic. Maybe most important is his honesty.

Our relationship with Joe has been extremely positive and valuable to me and my family for over 10 years. I cannot recommend Joe Corsino more strongly if your needs require computer expertise and/or website design, building, or maintenance.


Dr. William Leone
The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care