Our core beliefs and values

We Believe…

the client is the most valuable part of our business. Without them, we have no business. At IDS, we treat our clients with respect. We make no assumptions and do our best to answer any and all questions they may have regarding our services. We make them feel as though they are the only client we have because that’s the experience we want them to have. A great experience leads to more projects in the future and when you have clients telling their friends and associates about how great their project turned out with you, well… there just isn’t any better advertising than that!

We Are…

respectful, honest, and dependable. We are a firm you can trust. When speaking with a client about a new website project, we always explain all of the angles of the project from domain names and hosting costs to development and ongoing maintenance fees. We are fully transparent and always available to answer any questions. However, The web development industry changes fast and we may not always have the answer to a client question. But… rest assured, we know where to get the answers and we do. We provide a “Gold Standard” level of support to our clients. 

Our philosophy…

Talk less, listen more!

“What truly prompted me to write this letter is my most recent experience with IDS. They were kind enough to “take on” my professional website which I have been trying to develop (using a different site developer, one that I had not chosen, but had been supplied to me) for over a year. I was so frustrated and angry. Honestly, the website was going nowhere. It’s difficult and nearly impossible to find someone willing and capable of taking on someone else’s “half baked, poorly done” project, especially when there were so many underlying structural and technical problems.

It’s even more difficult to ask someone else to step in when “feelings are tense” and already so much money has been spent. I understand this, I’m a revision hip and knee surgeon and often find myself in a similar situation. There is a problem, the patient is doing poorly, and everyone is angry. The “professional” recognizes the situation and fixes it. That’s exactly what IDS did. And I will tell them exactly what so many patients then tell me. Thank you. Truly, thank you.”     

~ Dr. William Leone
The Leone Center For Orthopedic Care

Lower Overhead & Higher Energy

The Office… Reimagined

Less is more

At IDS we wanted to do things a little differently. We wanted an environment that allowed us to focus on our client’s projects and have the technology to do so, but we wanted the freedom of not being stuck in a cubicle. It is important to us that we offer the best possible value that we can. So we took a look at how we could keep our overhead down and offer a better solution. We determined that operating from a home-based office was the right solution. We could have the physical freedoms of not being confined to an office desk and at the same time keep the cost of operations down, which we pass on to our clients. Having the ability to function outside of a typical office environment also allows us to think outside the box. Our environment changes and we have more control over our creative thought process. All of this leads to a higher level of energy and a more productive solution. It works for us, and we use that to create a better overall solution for our clients.

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